So, we have a system of measurement here on The Beer Coasters Podcast that is a little strange.  Back when Chris tried the Chocolate Oak Aged Yeti from Great Divide on the Wild Card Issue, the “fingers of head” measurement was altered to reflect that of Chris’ beer.  *UPDATE* We mentioned on this week’s show that Chris had tried the Oak Aged Yeti(the same beer that I am trying in this issue), which, in fact, was not the case.  A Yeti Finger is roughly the size of two human fingers.  Since that show, we have referred to all our beers’ head as being compared to the fingers of the Yeti.  It’s an inside joke that you can now be a part of.  Don’t you feel special?  Cheers!

  – Beer Coaster Toby

After the pour.... two fingers

The search for the elusive Yeti has come to an end.  On this week’s issue of The Beer Coasters Podcast, we review nothing but Yetis from Great Divide Brewing Company.  The first Yeti captured is the youngest of the sweat, a harmless little Yetiling, the Yeti Imperial Stout.  Next, Mike shares his campsite with the Espresso Oak Aged Yeti, then springs a trap.  Toby finds clumps of hair and a few finger nails before sipping the Oak Aged Yeti.  And finally, Chris and Mike return with the head of the European Yeti, the Belgian Style Yeti.

Sipping Bear returns to the show to weave us a tale of his first encounter with the Yeti, we get a break-down of LA Beer Week through the tastebuds of Tom in LA and another shout-out from Greg at the OC Beer Blog.

Here’s a drinking game for you: take a drink every time you hear us say “Yeti” and you’ll be a true Yetiot.  Cheers!