A weekly Podcast, dedicated to bringing you the best in American Craft Beer, from coast to coast and everywhere in between.

Basically, we are three guys from all different parts of the US that have a deep passion for craft beer. What’s better than hanging out once a week, drinking some good local beer and talking about it? Mike hails from Boston, MA(his home town), Chris resides in Dallas, TX and Toby now lives in Las Vegas, NV. We all met in beautiful, craft beer soaked, sunny San Diego. On the show, each one of us will try a beer only found locally, then all three of us try the same beer that has a much wider distribution. That way the listener has a better chance at finding the beer and tasting it with us. We are by no means professional tasters or raters, we simply love craft beer and consider ourselves average craft beer drinkers. We also rate the beers we try, but our rating system is more “how we feel” about the beer, rather than by some scientific means. There is even a “Hop Topic” section of the show where we talk about the industry and invite listeners to join in on the discussion via our website, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

We have been self-producing the show for nearly two years and have only missed a couple of weeks worth of shows. This blog was created for the purpose of expanding our listener base and “spreading the craft beer love” even further. We hope you enjoy the blog and please stop by the website and listen to the show. You can also find us in iTunes and Podcast.com. We thrive on feedback, so feel free to let us know what you think of the show – good or bad. Cheers!