Issue #99

As we approach our 100th issue of the Beer Coasters Podcast, we come together and share some tasty craft beer. But before we celebrate, we must collaborate.  All across this nation, we choose beers from an Eastern and Western destination that may or may not give us gratification.  Not just a sensation, but a Godly creation, with no litigation, we succeed in a collaboration.  In our Fermentation Conversation we enjoy a libation from Stone and Brewdog with the Bashah.

Along the wonderful Eastern seaboard, Mike joins Dogfish Head and Three Floyds with the Poppaskull.  Cruising out West, Toby finds himself on Highway 78 with Green Flash, Pizza Port Carlsbad and Stone Brewing.  In the middle, Chris borrows from some Californian monks with the Ovila from Sierra Nevada and the Abbey of New Clairvaux.

Thinking of a Swedish vacation, our Backwash is filled with appreciation.  To our listeners we have much adoration, and feel it is our obligation to say “Cheers”!


Spring Is In The Beer!

Spring is in the air – or should we say, Spring is in the BEER!  It’s feeling like it’s officially Springtime and we are drink special Spring release craft beers.  The time of year when the ice melts, the hops are in bloom and the lighter side of beer begins to flow.

We start off with the return of Beer Coaster Chris!  He’s back and sassy as ever!  His Spring release beer is the Colette from Great Divide Brewing Co.  Beer Coaster Mike tends to his flower garden with a glass of Berkshire’s Maibock Lager.  Out Westward, Beer Coaster Toby bows to Ninkasi with their Spring Reign.

Since Chris has been gone for so long, we decided to pile on thr Hop Topics this week, which include some very sad stories in the Craft Beer world.  A lot of great Backwash this week – as well as some very disturbing Backwash – and some silly banter to make Chris’ return that mucg more tolerable.  Thanks for stopping by, Cheers!

Spring Is In The Beer

Spring Cleaning – because the beer fridge is overflowing!

I know, it’s been a while…

Check out this week’s craft beer review podcast where we start cleaning out the beer fridge to make room for Spring.  Toby and Mike each try two beers and talk about them.  Toby sips The Hairy Eyeball from Lagunitas and the Hop Czar from Bridgeport Brewing.  Mike takes a shot at the Star Island Single from Smuttynose and the Chicory Stout from Dogfish Head.  We hope you enjoy the show and let us know what you think.  Cheers!

“Back In Black” – black beers, that is

Now that I think of it, it’s pretty funny that we decided to call the latest issue of the podcast, “Back In Black”.  Mainly because the last time we did a black beer show, it was the “Schwarzbier Issue”(#21) back in 2009.  It’s funny because there are other black beers styles that we have not officially created a whole show around, like the Black IPA’s and Black Ales.  Schwarzbiers are black Lagers, two of which we shared on the show.

Back to the real reason for this post:  The latest issue of the Beer Coasters Podcast is now circulating the web and ready for download.  Don’t get me wrong, “Back In Black” is a kick-ass show title and it still works beautifully.  For our Fermentation Conversation beer, we try Allagash Brewing Co.’s Black, which was rated #1 on Wine Enthusiasts Top 25 Beers Of 2010, and the topic of discussion in a recent Hop Topic.  Back in Boston, Mike gets his hands on Iniquity from Southern Tier, which is an Imperial Black Ale.  Out here in the West, I try out, what seems to be some sort of homeopathic remedy of a concoction, the Black Lager from Mate Veza.  Mate Veza is actually owned and operated by Mendocino Brewing out of Ukiah, California.  In the middle of the country, Chris steals from my region with the Chatoe Rogue Dirtoir Black Lager from Rogue Brewing.

During our Hop Topic segment, we go over the Obama Super Bowl party.  Chris says that regardless of whether or not you think Obama is a bad president, he’s a craft beer drinker, so that’s cool.  So, please check out this week’s show and don’t forget to tell a friend and hit us up with some Backwash or sign the Guestbook to let us know you’re out there.  Cheers!

– Beer Coaster Toby

Barley wines

I know it’s getting close to the end of barley wine season, but I think I need to give them another shot. Those high ABV monsters-of-a-beer barley wines are one of my least favorite styles. Mostly because they tend to be pretty rough on the palette and I like to enjoy a couple beers at a time. They do have a great richness to them that I can appreciate.
The reason why I’d like to revisit this style is that I’ve heard a lot about them recently(the 2011 Bigfoot from Sierra Nevada was just released) and a lot of people seem to like them. Barley wines can age nicely over time and mellow out a bit. Of course the ABV is still there, but not as rough. I have a 2009 Old Foghorn from Anchor that I’ve been “cellaring” for that very purpose. Barley wines have a shelf life(if stored properly) of up to 5 years, so I’m curious to try the Foghorn. Now, the best way to compare is a vertical tasting, tasting an older beer next to a fresh one. Or, if you have good notes.
Has anyone done vertical tastings of barley wines? Do they age well? Which one should I look out for. Cheers!

– Beer Coaster Toby

New Schwag

We’ve got some schwag we’re going to be rolling out soon. Mike is hard at work designing some “limited time” t-shirts and things for our Shop on our website. We are also thinking about putting out some Spring Release schwag as well.
The first article of schwag is a Limited Edition Beer Coasters Podcast Back In Black design for both our male and female listeners. We hope you enjoy it and remember: one of the best ways to support our show is through our Shop. Cheers!

– Beer Coaster Toby

“Ginger” Issue #88

In this week’s edition of The Beer Coasters Podcast, we check out a few Gingers. Out West, Toby tries Caldera Brewing’s Ginger Beer. In the East, Mike Mount(s) Desert Island Ginger from Atlantic Brewing. In the middle, Chris gets spiritual with Left Hand Brewing’s Good Juju. Our Hop Topic this week is the ultimate beer course, Beer 101. We hope you enjoy the show and don’t forget to stop by the website for all your Beer Coasters needs. Cheers!