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Yeti Finger

So, we have a system of measurement here on The Beer Coasters Podcast that is a little strange.  Back when Chris tried the Chocolate Oak Aged Yeti from Great Divide on the Wild Card Issue, the “fingers of head” measurement was altered to reflect that of Chris’ beer.  *UPDATE* We mentioned on this week’s show that Chris had tried the Oak Aged Yeti(the same beer that I am trying in this issue), which, in fact, was not the case.  A Yeti Finger is roughly the size of two human fingers.  Since that show, we have referred to all our beers’ head as being compared to the fingers of the Yeti.  It’s an inside joke that you can now be a part of.  Don’t you feel special?  Cheers!

  – Beer Coaster Toby

After the pour.... two fingers

The search for the elusive Yeti has come to an end.  On this week’s issue of The Beer Coasters Podcast, we review nothing but Yetis from Great Divide Brewing Company.  The first Yeti captured is the youngest of the sweat, a harmless little Yetiling, the Yeti Imperial Stout.  Next, Mike shares his campsite with the Espresso Oak Aged Yeti, then springs a trap.  Toby finds clumps of hair and a few finger nails before sipping the Oak Aged Yeti.  And finally, Chris and Mike return with the head of the European Yeti, the Belgian Style Yeti.

Sipping Bear returns to the show to weave us a tale of his first encounter with the Yeti, we get a break-down of LA Beer Week through the tastebuds of Tom in LA and another shout-out from Greg at the OC Beer Blog.

Here’s a drinking game for you: take a drink every time you hear us say “Yeti” and you’ll be a true Yetiot.  Cheers!


Spilt Milk Stouts

Back in 2004 at the Stone 8th Anniversary Party/Beer Fest, I got to try my first milk stout.  People were stopping me as I walked by the Left Hand beer tent asking me if I tried the Milk Stout.  I hopped in line and tasted another beer that changed my attitude towards craft beer forever.  Chris and Mike were also at said event and had similar experiences.  So, this week, we go back to the Left Hand Milk Stout and see if it’s still as epic as it was seven years ago.  Cheers!

  – Beer Coaster Toby

Got Milk Stouts?

For this week’s edition of the Beer Coasters Podcast, the lactose intolerant need not apply.  We’ve done stouts on our craft beer review podcast before, but we haven’t featured stouts of the milky variety, until now.  Left Hand Brewing is our featured Milk Stout in our Fermentation Conversation.

Toby heads out to the barn, pails in hand and fills them up with some Class V Stout from Kern River Brewing Co.  Chris returns to the show, cheats a little and goes with the Chocolate Ale from Boulevard.  Mike then firmly grasps the utter of the Wachusett Milk Stout.

Some small craft brewers in Texas may be getting wronged in our Hop Topic this week and our Backwash adds a little to the Evolution Of The Beer Geek.  Cheers!

For The Dogs

   Lots of brewers will name a beer of their’s after one of their canine friends.  This week we try out a few beers with dogs in the name.  We even discuss a new trend in brewing: Beer For Dogs.  That’s right, beer brewed specifically for dogs – non-alcoholic, of course.  Please enjoy the latest installment of our craft beer podcast.

Beer Coasters For The Dogs Issue


Ruff!  Woof!  Bow wow!  Whatever – it’s beer!  This show is for the dogs.  We present to you, two new breweries to our craft beer podcast, first with Laughing Dog and their Devil Dog.  Mike is off the leash with a bad cold and a Fat Dog from Stoudt’s.  Toby desperately needs a flea bath, but first he takes Adam for a walk with a little Hair Of The Dog.

We get scratched behind the ears with some cool Backwash.  Thanks for throwing us a bone this week.  Cheers!


The Fall Guys Issue

Here’s the latest issue of the Beer Coasters Podcast: The Fall Guys Issue.  On this, the first day of Fall, we celebrate by cracking open a few craft beers only available this time of year.  We do love the crisp, light beers of Summer, but, we couldn’t be more excited to get back into those malty beers of the cooler months.  Thanks for stopping by the Beer Coasters Blog and make sure you swing by the website for further beer happenings.

We might fall from a tall building, we might roll a brand new car, because we’re the unknown drinkers that made Calagione such a star.  Well, maybe that last part was a stretch.  It’s finally Fall here on the Beer Coasters podcast, so we chose a few Fall release craft beers to review.  Both Mike and Toby pack away the white shoes and Hawaiian shirts for A Little Sumpin’ Willd from Lagunitas.  Mike puts the rake on stand-by and cracks open a Harvest Ale from Ipswich Ales.  Toby picks out the biggest Pumpkin he can find from Wasatch Beers.

We then study up on the Evolution Of The Beer Geek and see how far we’ve come.  Are you ready for Fall?  We sure are.  Thanks for checking out the show, we hope you enjoy.  It’s a death-defying life we lead, but we take our chances.  Cheers!

No respect from the ladies, only from the beer.

You Some Kinda Weiss Guy?

So, you think you’re some kinda Weiss Guy? Just ’cause you’re brewed with wheat malts, that makes you some sorta tough guy? Chris won’t be joining us this week, due to him ratting out somebody from the middle of the country. He was sent to San Diego in the Witness Hoptection Program. Mike and Toby kiss the ring of Sierra Nevada and offer their assistance with the Kellerweis. Toby shoves Joseph James – the true Weize Guy – into the trunk of his car. Mike “takes care of” the Weiss Principal from Peak Organic. Mike then has a pint with Cape Ann Brewing Co.’s Dylan L’Abbe-Lindquist, chatting about his brewing past and future. Some interesting Hop Topics as well as some conversation-starting Backwash. Thanks for tuning in and don’t forget to tell a beer-loving friend. Cheers!

Slam Dunkel!

As we hit Issue #101, we theme it with the Dunkelweizen style of American craft beer.  With a quick pick-up game of 21, all three Beer Coasters try out the Dunkel Weiss from Great Divide Brewing.  With all the hoop-la about A-B boycotting in Alabama, we use it as our Hop Topic and try to shed a little more light on the subject.  In the middle of the country, Chris pulls off an alley-oop with the Dunkelweiss from New Belgium’s Lips Of Faith Series.  In the Eastern region, Mike dribbles a little over Harpoon’s 100 Barrel Series #34 Oak Aged Dunkel.  And finally, out West, Toby shoots from the free throw with Big Dog’s Doghouse Dunkel.

We spend a little extra time in our Backwash Segment – because it tastes so good!  Thanks to all our new(and old) listeners.  Cheers!

Our Centennial Issue

100 episodes of the Beer Coasters Podcast!  That is too freakin’ amazing!  To celebrate reaching this milestone, we honor that wonderful plant known as the Centennial hop.  Each and every craft beer we review on the show is brewed using the said hop.  For our Fermentation Conversation, we go with the industry standard India Pale Ale, Stone’s IPA.

In the Western region, Toby gets off his ass and answers the door when Hopportunity Knocks from Caldera Brewing.  Somewhere in the middle, Chris bangs – or not bangs – the Wytchmaker from Jester King.  In the East, Mike dresses up like John Muir and tries out the Centennial Red from Long Trail.  We then discuss some Q1 results from some of the industry’s leaders in our Hop Topics segment.  Thanks for joining us on this momentous occasion.  Cheers!