Here’s the latest issue of the Beer Coasters Podcast: The Fall Guys Issue.  On this, the first day of Fall, we celebrate by cracking open a few craft beers only available this time of year.  We do love the crisp, light beers of Summer, but, we couldn’t be more excited to get back into those malty beers of the cooler months.  Thanks for stopping by the Beer Coasters Blog and make sure you swing by the website for further beer happenings.

We might fall from a tall building, we might roll a brand new car, because we’re the unknown drinkers that made Calagione such a star.  Well, maybe that last part was a stretch.  It’s finally Fall here on the Beer Coasters podcast, so we chose a few Fall release craft beers to review.  Both Mike and Toby pack away the white shoes and Hawaiian shirts for A Little Sumpin’ Willd from Lagunitas.  Mike puts the rake on stand-by and cracks open a Harvest Ale from Ipswich Ales.  Toby picks out the biggest Pumpkin he can find from Wasatch Beers.

We then study up on the Evolution Of The Beer Geek and see how far we’ve come.  Are you ready for Fall?  We sure are.  Thanks for checking out the show, we hope you enjoy.  It’s a death-defying life we lead, but we take our chances.  Cheers!

No respect from the ladies, only from the beer.