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Spilt Milk Stouts

Back in 2004 at the Stone 8th Anniversary Party/Beer Fest, I got to try my first milk stout.  People were stopping me as I walked by the Left Hand beer tent asking me if I tried the Milk Stout.  I hopped in line and tasted another beer that changed my attitude towards craft beer forever.  Chris and Mike were also at said event and had similar experiences.  So, this week, we go back to the Left Hand Milk Stout and see if it’s still as epic as it was seven years ago.  Cheers!

  – Beer Coaster Toby

Got Milk Stouts?

For this week’s edition of the Beer Coasters Podcast, the lactose intolerant need not apply.  We’ve done stouts on our craft beer review podcast before, but we haven’t featured stouts of the milky variety, until now.  Left Hand Brewing is our featured Milk Stout in our Fermentation Conversation.

Toby heads out to the barn, pails in hand and fills them up with some Class V Stout from Kern River Brewing Co.  Chris returns to the show, cheats a little and goes with the Chocolate Ale from Boulevard.  Mike then firmly grasps the utter of the Wachusett Milk Stout.

Some small craft brewers in Texas may be getting wronged in our Hop Topic this week and our Backwash adds a little to the Evolution Of The Beer Geek.  Cheers!


The Fall Guys Issue

Here’s the latest issue of the Beer Coasters Podcast: The Fall Guys Issue.  On this, the first day of Fall, we celebrate by cracking open a few craft beers only available this time of year.  We do love the crisp, light beers of Summer, but, we couldn’t be more excited to get back into those malty beers of the cooler months.  Thanks for stopping by the Beer Coasters Blog and make sure you swing by the website for further beer happenings.

We might fall from a tall building, we might roll a brand new car, because we’re the unknown drinkers that made Calagione such a star.  Well, maybe that last part was a stretch.  It’s finally Fall here on the Beer Coasters podcast, so we chose a few Fall release craft beers to review.  Both Mike and Toby pack away the white shoes and Hawaiian shirts for A Little Sumpin’ Willd from Lagunitas.  Mike puts the rake on stand-by and cracks open a Harvest Ale from Ipswich Ales.  Toby picks out the biggest Pumpkin he can find from Wasatch Beers.

We then study up on the Evolution Of The Beer Geek and see how far we’ve come.  Are you ready for Fall?  We sure are.  Thanks for checking out the show, we hope you enjoy.  It’s a death-defying life we lead, but we take our chances.  Cheers!

No respect from the ladies, only from the beer.

“Back In Black” – black beers, that is

Now that I think of it, it’s pretty funny that we decided to call the latest issue of the podcast, “Back In Black”.  Mainly because the last time we did a black beer show, it was the “Schwarzbier Issue”(#21) back in 2009.  It’s funny because there are other black beers styles that we have not officially created a whole show around, like the Black IPA’s and Black Ales.  Schwarzbiers are black Lagers, two of which we shared on the show.

Back to the real reason for this post:  The latest issue of the Beer Coasters Podcast is now circulating the web and ready for download.  Don’t get me wrong, “Back In Black” is a kick-ass show title and it still works beautifully.  For our Fermentation Conversation beer, we try Allagash Brewing Co.’s Black, which was rated #1 on Wine Enthusiasts Top 25 Beers Of 2010, and the topic of discussion in a recent Hop Topic.  Back in Boston, Mike gets his hands on Iniquity from Southern Tier, which is an Imperial Black Ale.  Out here in the West, I try out, what seems to be some sort of homeopathic remedy of a concoction, the Black Lager from Mate Veza.  Mate Veza is actually owned and operated by Mendocino Brewing out of Ukiah, California.  In the middle of the country, Chris steals from my region with the Chatoe Rogue Dirtoir Black Lager from Rogue Brewing.

During our Hop Topic segment, we go over the Obama Super Bowl party.  Chris says that regardless of whether or not you think Obama is a bad president, he’s a craft beer drinker, so that’s cool.  So, please check out this week’s show and don’t forget to tell a friend and hit us up with some Backwash or sign the Guestbook to let us know you’re out there.  Cheers!

– Beer Coaster Toby

New Schwag

We’ve got some schwag we’re going to be rolling out soon. Mike is hard at work designing some “limited time” t-shirts and things for our Shop on our website. We are also thinking about putting out some Spring Release schwag as well.
The first article of schwag is a Limited Edition Beer Coasters Podcast Back In Black design for both our male and female listeners. We hope you enjoy it and remember: one of the best ways to support our show is through our Shop. Cheers!

– Beer Coaster Toby