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Spilt Milk Stouts

Back in 2004 at the Stone 8th Anniversary Party/Beer Fest, I got to try my first milk stout.  People were stopping me as I walked by the Left Hand beer tent asking me if I tried the Milk Stout.  I hopped in line and tasted another beer that changed my attitude towards craft beer forever.  Chris and Mike were also at said event and had similar experiences.  So, this week, we go back to the Left Hand Milk Stout and see if it’s still as epic as it was seven years ago.  Cheers!

  – Beer Coaster Toby

Got Milk Stouts?

For this week’s edition of the Beer Coasters Podcast, the lactose intolerant need not apply.  We’ve done stouts on our craft beer review podcast before, but we haven’t featured stouts of the milky variety, until now.  Left Hand Brewing is our featured Milk Stout in our Fermentation Conversation.

Toby heads out to the barn, pails in hand and fills them up with some Class V Stout from Kern River Brewing Co.  Chris returns to the show, cheats a little and goes with the Chocolate Ale from Boulevard.  Mike then firmly grasps the utter of the Wachusett Milk Stout.

Some small craft brewers in Texas may be getting wronged in our Hop Topic this week and our Backwash adds a little to the Evolution Of The Beer Geek.  Cheers!


Our Centennial Issue

100 episodes of the Beer Coasters Podcast!  That is too freakin’ amazing!  To celebrate reaching this milestone, we honor that wonderful plant known as the Centennial hop.  Each and every craft beer we review on the show is brewed using the said hop.  For our Fermentation Conversation, we go with the industry standard India Pale Ale, Stone’s IPA.

In the Western region, Toby gets off his ass and answers the door when Hopportunity Knocks from Caldera Brewing.  Somewhere in the middle, Chris bangs – or not bangs – the Wytchmaker from Jester King.  In the East, Mike dresses up like John Muir and tries out the Centennial Red from Long Trail.  We then discuss some Q1 results from some of the industry’s leaders in our Hop Topics segment.  Thanks for joining us on this momentous occasion.  Cheers!


Issue #99

As we approach our 100th issue of the Beer Coasters Podcast, we come together and share some tasty craft beer. But before we celebrate, we must collaborate.  All across this nation, we choose beers from an Eastern and Western destination that may or may not give us gratification.  Not just a sensation, but a Godly creation, with no litigation, we succeed in a collaboration.  In our Fermentation Conversation we enjoy a libation from Stone and Brewdog with the Bashah.

Along the wonderful Eastern seaboard, Mike joins Dogfish Head and Three Floyds with the Poppaskull.  Cruising out West, Toby finds himself on Highway 78 with Green Flash, Pizza Port Carlsbad and Stone Brewing.  In the middle, Chris borrows from some Californian monks with the Ovila from Sierra Nevada and the Abbey of New Clairvaux.

Thinking of a Swedish vacation, our Backwash is filled with appreciation.  To our listeners we have much adoration, and feel it is our obligation to say “Cheers”!