Lots of brewers will name a beer of their’s after one of their canine friends.  This week we try out a few beers with dogs in the name.  We even discuss a new trend in brewing: Beer For Dogs.  That’s right, beer brewed specifically for dogs – non-alcoholic, of course.  Please enjoy the latest installment of our craft beer podcast.

Beer Coasters For The Dogs Issue


Ruff!  Woof!  Bow wow!  Whatever – it’s beer!  This show is for the dogs.  We present to you, two new breweries to our craft beer podcast, first with Laughing Dog and their Devil Dog.  Mike is off the leash with a bad cold and a Fat Dog from Stoudt’s.  Toby desperately needs a flea bath, but first he takes Adam for a walk with a little Hair Of The Dog.

We get scratched behind the ears with some cool Backwash.  Thanks for throwing us a bone this week.  Cheers!